About Periodontics

Do your gums bleed? Does your breath smell ? Do you have a foul taste in your mouth ? If you answered yes to these any of these questions then you need to see a Periodontist at Rand Dental in Flanders, New Jersey. Periodontics is the study of the supporting structures around the teeth, like the gums, and the various diseases and conditions that can affect them.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious, chronic bacterial infection that attacks the gums and bones that support your teeth. The major cause of periodontal disease is the buildup of plaque which results from the overgrowth of the mouth's naturally occurring bacteria.

Visit to a periodontist

If periodontal disease is caught at an early stage (when it has not progressed beyond the point of gingivitis), it can be treated with scaling and root-planning (removing plaque around the tooth and smoothing the roots' surfaces). If the disease progresses to a later stage then the patient may need surgical treatment which involves cutting the gums, eliminating the hardened plaque build-up, and repairing the damaged bone.

Dentist inspecting mouth

The most commonly seen periodontal disease in our area is gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums around the roots of the teeth. It marks the early stage of periodontal disease, and it is characterized by red, swollen gums.

At Rand Center for Dentistry we always emphasize conservative treatment, and your desires play a major role in any treatment decision. Treatments are always performed in the shortest amount of time possible, with the greatest comfort and in an atmosphere of warmth, among caring staff.

The Benefits of a Specialist

Early intervention at Rand Dental Associates , Flanders, new Jersey is the key to preventing advanced periodontal disease and tooth loss. In our office you get the benefit of a highly trained specialist in the field of periodontology, and supporting office staff. Some other advantages we offer include:

Focused Care

Our office regularly treats periodontal disease and related disorders, and that has allowed us to develop enormous experience and knowledge which can help your specific problem. Since we routinely treat these conditions we deliver optimal results with the greatest comfort. We also provide exceptional preventive services to help avoid future need for treatment.

Educational Services

Rand Dental can help you understand the nature of periodontal disease. We want you to be aware of the medical conditions that can make you more susceptible, such as diabetes, stress, smoking, medications, or pregnancy. We take time to answer any questions you may have.

Skill and Expertise

Our Periodontist have received advanced knowledge in dentistry, medicine, surgery, microbiology, and soft and hard tissue physiology (gums, teeth, and jawbone) during their specialty training. In addition, we continually update our knowledge and techniques through a commitment to continuing education. By seeking your care in our office you are insuring that you receive the highest standards of treatment in our field of dentistry.

We work with the most sophisticated equipment available in our profession in Flanders, New Jersey , your number one Periodontal treatment center in Flanders, New Jersey.

What is ARESTIN®?

ARESTIN® is targeted at the bacteria that are the cause of gum disease. It helps kill the bacteria at the root of the problem.


ARESTIN® is a prescription antibiotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is used together with scaling and root planing (SRP) procedures performed by a trained dental professional for the treatment of periodontal disease. ARESTIN® with SRP is nearly 3x more likely to result in successful treatment than SRP alone. If you have periodontal disease, take your dental professional's advice: choose ARESTIN®.

Application is simple. Our office in Flanders, New Jersey places ARESTIN® in infected gum pockets below your gumline. This may happen at the time of SRP or on a follow-up visit. You may also receive ARESTIN® during routine periodontal maintenance.

ARESTIN® is Different From Antibiotic Pills

A pill taken orally can't give the level of antibiotic concentration in your gums that ARESTIN® can. ARESTIN® microspheres — tiny, bead-like particles — are smaller than grains of sand and are not visible to the eye. The microspheres are filled with the antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride. After being places below the gumline, these microspheres release the antibiotic over time, killing bacteria so your gums can heal.

Placement is painless, done easily after a SRP treatment. ARESTIN® dissolves on its own, so no removal is required.